5 Oct


Though question…. There is even dispute among us about what it means to be a Turk. The Azerbaijani people call Turks of Turkey, “Anatolian” or “Ottoman Turks”, arguing that no nation has the sole ownership of Turkish identity. The people of Turkey define many central asian nations as “Turks”, while the World refer to them as “Turkic” and they prefer to call themselves neither of these two. May be because it is almost senseless to define “being a Turk” on ethnic grounds. The Turks mixed with Chinese & Mongolians in their original homeland – Central Asia. Then they moved westward – this time expanding the exchange of genes to a even higher level; interfering with persian, caucasian, indian, slavic, mesopotamian, arabic and many more nations. And finally they reached their new homeland – Anatolia. A place, whose people were already coming from dozens of different origins. Yet they didn’t stop. Moved East, West, North, South, well actually everywhere. During the reign of the Ottoman Empire; at least 40 nations lived together. That was the case for 600 plus years. So, in terms of ethnicity – we are a cocktail.

Then I think, it is a pity that you become relatives with more than half of the “old World”, but still noone gets to like you. A nation of synthesis? I frankly believe so, but still you don’t belong to the east, you don’t mingle with the west. Many nations blame you for the past and more others question the prosperity of your future. There are countless proverbs & sayings that humilate or despise you. You cannot step your feet on a developed country’s soil without a visa, which takes an incredible effort to obtain. You fight percepitions, prejudices and sentimental barriers all the time. That is like fighting with a ghost. Among 220 countries & territories, your country is the 6th most visited one, however your global image is still chained to the ground. How come a nation be so proud but equally lacking self-esteem? Perhaps it’s a question of what we made out of ourselves, not who we actually are.

But why on earth, are we so surprised? How can you expect others to love you, when even you cannot love yourself? I bet in no other land, people are more hostile & intolerant to each other than here – in Turkey. We focus on our differences almost all the time. The religions we belive in, the politics we follow, the ethnic roots we belong to, the amount of money we earn, the sexual choices we make, well… even the soccer teams that we support. That is not the all: Everyone in this country names himself as “clever” and calls all the rest “stupid”. So, in a country of almost 80 million people – you do the math.

It seems as if, all those were toxically fabricated to divide us. Is it so difficult to find something in common? Is it so hard to see most of these differences were not even personal choices, but things that we happened to inheret in some way? And above all, is none of us wise enough to see – that whatever we call ourselves, no matter how much we struggle to fall apart; the destiny is common for all Turkish people. And for every single person who has ever lived, are now living, and will live in the future. I push my brain to its limits – because i feel incapacitated to comprehend. Worse, as a human being, what we do to each other, deeply breaks my heart.  So, I turn to God – the ultimate power and ask him again, and again, and again “why”, knowing perfectly well, there is not an answer – at least one that I’d understand.

You may wonder why I on earth I happened to write all these. Well, here is the point: Nowadays, there are hot debates going around in Turkey about setting the borders with regards to Turkish identity. Believe it or not; in Turkey, I’m almost shy to call myself a “Turk” – as if it is something bad. Is it nice to be a Turk? Well, all I can say now is, it is hard to be a Turk. I am in an identity crisis. Please help me out.



  1. 07 October 2013 at 20:46 #

    kaleminize saglik,


  2. serap 08 October 2013 at 09:15 #

    I m afraid it s happening…Someone has pushed the button and they say “Hush, dont shout out what a pride to be a Turk!”

  3. ahukader 19 November 2013 at 11:19 #

    Bu yazi benim yazdigim yazidan cok farkli. Ortak düsünce ise neden sulh icinde yasayamiyor bütün bu etnik kökenler? Neden dogup büyüdügü topraklar ile kendilerini bir bütün saymayip baska seyler pesindeler. Ben sadece ve sadece teröre karsiyim. Yoksa kürdü de benim, alevisi de sünnisi de.

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