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World War Z, Radiohead & How They Made My Flight A Very Interesting One

6 Nov


Last month, I was on a long distance fight. Sleep, chat, eat, drink, read a book… Yet among life-savers, flight entertainment systems top the list for majority of the passengers. So, it was the case for me and I turned in on. Surprisingly, among dozens of movies available; I picked up one that I’ve already (and recently) seen: “WORLD WAR Z”. I don’t know if you have watched that movie, but I don’t really intend to speak about the film in this article. While watching it, something quite interesting happened: In the middle of the movie, all of a sudden a scene was skipped. It would be obvious for any viewer, yet for someone who has seen the movie before; it was beyond obvious. My immediate guess was a technical problem. So I touched the rewind button to have a second look. Yes, no mistake – the scene was gone. Then it did not take me even an extra second to understand why: That part was deliberately cut for a reason, a reason that I knew. I will not mention which airlines it was, because that is really not the point – at least in this particular case. So, what was that censorship all about?

Let me briefly explain: That was the scene were a passenger aircraft was crashing in Wales. A scene that probably lasted for about 2 – 3 minutes, as I could recall. Watching an aeroplane accident in an aeroplane? Some would not mind (including myself), some would probably say “No, thank you”. I will not even get into the ones with “Flight Phobia”. That was the first time I had noticed such a motive beyond a cencor. For example, in an islamic nation’s plane – I would not be surprised to a see a scene of wild sex deleted. But, this was another story. I was fast to realize, but slow to adopt. After all, the world is changing: With number 13 losing its superstitious nature, it has since regained its status in airplanes & hotels. That of course, does not have to do with cencorship, at least in a direct way. But, it does portray hints about how taboos change.

Then as if I was to prove a long-debated theory, I made something truly peculiar: I started making a quick scan of the movie repository of the movies. My intention was to see, if the same “arrangement” was applied in another film. But I could not come across a different movie with a plane crash in it. So as a next step (and last resort), I started filtering the audio menu. Within only a few minutes of search effort – there it was: Paranoid Android, an epic album by RADIOHEAD. Not only I loved that album; but also knew perfectly well that, one of my favourite songs in it: “LUCKY”; did have lyrics about a plane crash. So I started listening to it. At some point the lyrics were supposed to be as: “Pull me out of the aircrash, Pull me out of the lake. I’m your superhero, We are standing on the edge”. But as you’d probably guess – they were cut as well. Well, what can I say – a consistent corporate policy, it proved to be. But my story is not over: As I had missed hearing that song, I kept listening to it – only to find out something really amusing. The song had similar lyrics following, which had not been “deleted” (“Pull me out of the aircrash, Pull me out of the wake. I’m your superhero, We are standing on the edge”) They must have skipped it. Did I check once again, just to make sure? Of course, I did. No change. Strange World. Strange Times!