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16 Nov

It’s a typical day… I wake up with a familiar sound: my i-phone’s alarm. I hardly make my way to the bathroom, interrupted by dozens of e-mails, What’s Up messages, tweets, text messages, etc. as they all seem to be pouring from the sky above. And of course, something is prompting almost nonstop on my screen. What about Instagram & Facebook News Feed? Well, those will have to wait. I don’t wear a wristwatch any more. My Nike+ Sportband will “just do it” fine, as it does have a timer, beyond other stuff. Among those other things, there are newly introduced metrics – I’d name them, such as “calories”, “steps” & “fuel”. But of course these two instruments – I mean the i-phone & the Nike+… are in some way “integrated”, once the Nike Run application on the i-phone is synchronized with the other. Yet, what does all that activity stuff come to mean, as long as you do not share it on Facebook & Twitter? So I head towards my car, for another hectic business day. Travel to work can be best tolerated with the aid from some groovy music. CD, Radio, USB are all among the alternatives. But there is an other option: Setting the blue tooth on, connecting my i-phone to the car’s audio system & listening to the songs in my “cloud”. Those would be the songs that I tagged with Shazam (an activity also visible in my social media channels), which I later bought on i-tunes. Suddenly a call breaks in – but that is not a problem; I will have time to hear the music I love on my Apple-TV at home when I get back. I used to be an Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja etc. – addict, but thank Lord, I was fast to quick and I’m sober now. So I won’t be distracted by such games-applications etc. Having spoken about “applications”, we all know they are lethal to i-phone battery life. There are no statistics capable of keeping  the track of my unpleasant expressions with respect to that. Recharge nonstop, which I cannot bear any longer. Who is going to recharge me, then?

Living in Istanbul is not easy. You have to excel in traffic management, and that is not something they teach you in the school; so you’ll have to figure it out on your own. Once again, smart phone comes into play. Which road is best to take for avoiding morning traffic? All I do is to have a look at the municipality’s application. That is supported by traffic channel on the radio, just to make sure. And as if these two are still not enough, I check experts in twitter to have the latest traffic news. Then I get to work; while checking my e-mails and trying to pay attention to simultaneous Microsoft Lync conversations, I remember to visit my Linkedin page, because in corporate life; it is actually a “must do”, not something “nice to have”. Out of work hours – which are not plenty;  my blog, facebook, twitter and instagram – these four consume a great deal of time. Youtube? Well, I do have a Youtube account, but never posted anything on that. I am just an infrequent viewer. And yes, then there is Google Plus, several Mail Groups among other things. My philosophy: If I am into something, I try to be active. If I am supposed to be inactive, I’m not into that. To cut a long story short, an enormous comfort, but also a considerable discomfort because of the “Maintenance Burden” all these bring.

So, here is the though question: Social Media – freedom or slavery? Another one: Technology – friend or foe? I believe, none is the answer. One thing for sure is, when technology & media melt together, they transform into this mega-power – a force that even time cannot stand against. The smarter the phones become, the more stupid people get. The more social media we use, the less social we happen to be. The more we shfit towards the “cloud”, the further we drift away from the ground. All true. But had it not been for all those, how would I be able to reach so many people with my articles? Well, even what you are reading right at this moment? If this is life, dilemma is its surname. Therefore, not everything in life is about “right” or “wrong”; not everything can be classified as “good” or “bad” and not everything happens for a “valid” reason. Things just happen. Change is inevitable. Means of communication will alter too and may be it is better to adopt, at least to try. But of course, to do that or not; is a personal choice. I say: Let us embrace the change and focus on seeing “the good” in it. But let us be alert too, not to let all these change who we are and the values we have. Achieving this, is the greatest challenge of the century for the human race.